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The most important thing in the success of any project is to prevent chaos or disorder from getting into it, No matter what the priorities of the project might seem to be, we always follow a methodical process.

This is really the fundamental basis of our company philosophy, and it's born out time after time in the results of our projects.

What's the start process for a project?

At the first meeting we establish the answers to specific and simple questions.

For whom, and why are we doing this project? Does this idea have any kind of visual image? In what quantities, and with what kind of finished will we produce the final product? We assess the client's artistic and techical requirements, the turnaroiund time and the limits of the project budget, as well as agreeing on the areas of responsibility.

How does the project preparation and team choice work?

So after that. We get going – we select the participants and establish the team make-up, decide on the production stages and prepare a complete project dossier. This includes full artistic and overall blueprint designs, sketches and plans, small samples and presentations.

As the project progresses this dossier will develop into the technical specifications to be used by the French manufacturers. Irina Bokova personally selects the specialist team for each project,based on their specialised skills and experience – and coordinates them so as to be responsible for their prompt and high-quality work.

How much time is involved from proposal to completion?

In the stages prior to signing a Contract with the client, the client is offered between 1 and 3 commercial proposals to help them make a final decision. Agreeing the project averagely takes between 1.5 to 2.5 months, with prodution taking 4+ months, logistics 3+ weeks, and installation from between 5 and 10 days. Detailed information on the methodology and manufacturibng processes of specific projects can be found in our Blog section.