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Photo-shooting of new fitting collection

Irina Bokova at the production facilities of Établissements Schmidt & Co

In December 2016 Irina Bokova paid a visit to the production facilities of Établissements Schmidt & Co — a company which specialises in the production of French ironmongery and accessories made from bronze and brass. A photo-shoot was organised during Irina's visit to the workshops, featuring a collection of fittings which they have jointly produced with Irina, and which have gone through a number of different stages of collaborative work.

Irina Bokova has been collaborating with Établissements Schmidt & Co for many years, working jointly on projects for architectural and design studios and private clients. The quality of the output created by Établissements Schmidt & Co is spoken for by the history of Maison Schmidt — which has been in business since 1929.

The brand incorporates both a design studio and a shop, and produces ironmongery items for both domestic and outdoor use, as well as high-art window displays for retail space, ramps, and decorative lighting. The company works alongside top French designers and decorators, including Jean Louis Deneau. Together they have developed and created exclusive architectural ironmongery collections, furniture pieces, and light fittings made from brass and bronze.

Irina Bokova developed the idea of creating her own collection of architectural ironmongery as a result of her long and fruitful collaboration with Schmidt & Co — and it will be soon be offered to Moscow architects and designers.