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Professionals Forum 2016

Talks by Irina Bokova and Stephanie Langard at Design Centre WEST

At the end of September, Design Centre WEST (in Rostov-on-Don) hosted the Professional Forum 2016. This event brought the creative community of southern Russia together, along with owners of independent businesses, designers, architects and decorators for all parts of the country.

The range of discussion topics covered many issues in the industry — current and future market trends, pricing issues, the ways international venues are operated, and feedback about the operation of projects of different sizes – from private interiors to major commercial projects and state-owned facilities.

The evening of the first day of the Forum included a talk from Stephanie Langard — the French designer, art-director and artist. Stephanie discussed the main trends and prospects for the development of contemporary art, the details of choosing and selecting art objects, and the importance of interaction between art objects and a building's architecture. To conclude the event, the artist presented a short film to the audience, which gave the story of how one of her famous works came to be created.

The following day, the WEST art-space was able to delight all those interested in finding out more about modern European trends in metalwork. Experts talked about the changes which had taken place in recent years — and how these had altered the functionality and aesthetic of metalwork objects.

Irina Bokova gave a witty presentation about how metalwork has been the centre of her creative life. Irina discussed modern technologies being used in production, illustrating this with real examples of her own design projects that have been successfully carried out in collaboration with French sculptors, artists and designers.