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New collection of shower doors by Bureau Irina Bokova

In 2017 we successfully completed three major projects producing and installing shower doors, in collaboration with Jean-Louis Deneau, the Oleg Klodt architectural studio, and the Belgian architectural firm Axel Vervoordt.

The first project was realized in cooperation with French designer Jean-Louis Deniau and construction-engineering firm “Carte Blanche”. Manufacturing shower doors to a height of 3.2 metres is far from a simple matter, since standard galvanised baths are usually no longer than 2.6 metres. The door was lapped with a light bronze profile, which had to compensate for the slight curvature of the glass which inevitably appears at such sizes. A further issue was installing the door on site, and maintaining identical gaps all around its perimeter - since the glass at this height has its own ‘sail-like’ properties, and the brass profile is extremely thin. Thus installation is a task no less demanding than the manufacture.

The client had an important consideration to prevent the possibility of water seeping from the shower cabinet onto the floor, and to prevent this we developed a special system of magnetic seals. Around the perimeter of the door itself, and its fixed frame, a magnetic strip was fitted. This ensures that the moving section trimly fits against the fixed frame, so that not a single drop of water can escape onto the floor. The installation of the door was carried out by a team of professional experts, and this process took four days, allowing for the special circumstances of installing large doors.

Another significant to us project is shower doors with brass plating and decorative glass panels, made to designs by the Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau.

Installation of the shower doors required manufacturing steel subframes, which had to be installed on-site before the marble floors were laid. We took the measurements for the subframe installations and began their manufacture.

The way we go about our work means that we can go about the installation of our items after the fit-out of the premises has already been completed. We do not carry out welding operations, and we don’t do product fitting on site. Fitting our shower doors can be compared to putting a puzzle together - which makes any possibility of damage to the premises and consequent making-good absolutely minimal.

While rolling out the project, we aimed to bring the metal’s noble qualities to the fore, and spent some time experimenting with finishes. We installed decorative brass plate on the main shower doors, while animating the tempered double-glass panels with a pattern of thin vertical lines. This pattern is sealed within the glass panels, thus making the glass easier to maintain. All stages of the project were carried out in partnership with our French specialists.

The last important achievement of 2017 was complex realization of several projects of shower doors for a private home and Spa complex which were created in collaboration with the famous Belgian design firm Axel Vervoordt.

The primary task in this project was to make a feature of the natural materials used in the finishings at the site premises. At the client’s request, we selected a metal tone that corresponded as closely as possible with the noble colour of the Volevatch bathroom fittings. This meant that the metal had to be practically unnoticeable - to create the impression that the glass is literally suspended in the air.

One of the difficult aspects was to deal with the small but important differences in the sizes and shapes of the apertures, made from natural stone. This is the reason why one of the doors opens outwards, while the other opens upwards.

We avoided the use of silicone fittings and inserts, to preserve the feeling of naturalness, transparency and lightness. This meant that we had to calculate each millimeter exactly. When installing the large glass panels, the main task was the coordinated efforts of the entire installation team. The weight of the largest glass section was over 100kg, with a size of 2400 mm x 2000 mm. The upper posts were carefully positioned into previously prepared aluminium fittings - and those, in turn, were enclosed in finely-decorated brass profiles to match the colour of the mixers and bathroom fittings.


The most fascinating task turned out to be designing the glass doors of the Spa and Hammam, Sauna and Ice Room. There had been glass doors installed at the premises before, but the client was dissatisfied with the appearance of the enormous bronze hinges, and the way they were fixed using silicone fittings. We managed to create the impression of a door that was almost invisible. We developed a thin brass profile, inside which we tucked a magnetic tape which remained invisible when the door was closed. All of the doors were installed on elegant brass hinges, fitted with stylish geometric fittings. For the sauna and hammam we selected knob-style handles - wooden inside, and brass on the outside - while for the door leading to the pool we used brass door-knobs on either side. 

Having analysed the complexity involved in manufacturing and installing them, the relatively high costs of creating bespoke shower doors, as well as taking into account the needs architects have for products with a thin brass profile, we've developed a range of brass shower doors incorporating high-quality glass, in consultation with designers.

The elegant brass profile and simply-designed fittings, in combination with the wide range of finishes enables us to satisfy even the most demanding clients, so that our doors fit into both classical and contemporary interior designs. The standard size of shower doors from our new series – 810 x 2470 mm – can be altered at the client's request. Design alterations are also possible, including adding imposts or decorative brass inlays, inserting decorative glass (with a facet, decorative design, or metal-wire reinforced).

All of our shower doors are fitted with magnetic tape on three of their sides and mountings – which means that lip fits flush against the fixed frame, to eliminate water leakage. The fittings come in two versions – either a square brass handle or glass pull handle; and a circular or rectangular hinges. At client request it's possible to supply these shower doors without handles, or to create bespoke fittings for them to order.

The lead time for producing the shower doors is 7-9 weeks from the time that precise measurements are supplied, because the frames and glass are all made to order in France. We prefer to carry out the adhesive fixing of the glass during manufacture, since this simplifies the installation process. All that's needed on site is to fasten the brass door frame and hang the door itself on the adjustable brass hinges.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss your design projects and help turn them into reality!