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David Daude: tradition & modernity

David Daude is a Parisian artist of Lebanese descent. The roots of his creative output stem from the creative ground of French figurative painting of the early 20th century.

David studied at the State Academy of Decorative Arts in Paris, where he perfected his technique with studies with a renowned teacher, Charles Auffret (1929-2001) - who had himself studied at Rodin’s studio

David’s artistic style embraces the traditions of differing centuries - which he uses, literally, as the colours of his palette. His work features allusions to the works of Dègas, Daumier and Toulouse-Lautrec, setting up a dialogue between the Impressionists and the Old Masters. While remaining firmly in the output of European tradition, he uses this approach to create his own special artistic style.

His work is distinctive and emotional, and is his way of engaging with issues that have vexed mankind down the ages. Each of David’s pictures represents the artist’s deep moral anguish. The lightness and transparency of the female figure, the joy of movement in dance, the shores of the warm sea, the peaceful tranquillity of lakes, the solitary figure of the traveller - these are all impressions which have touched the artist’s soul, and become transferred to his canvas to live on and delight his viewers.

David has his own particular approach to the creation of his works. He takes part in every stage of the preparation, mixing his colours himself, in the ancient craft tradition of French artists. 

Despite his especial reverence for the classical school, David Daude’s work remains relevant today, easily finding an audience for contemporary art. We see a noticeable nostalgia for a long-lost artistic language in which form and content do not exist separately from each other - yet at the same time, we notice an appeal to the soul of today’s generation, and the desire to address the modern viewer directly.

The Irina Bokova Bureau is delighted to be working with David Daude, and to keep its clients abreast of his creative work - as well as place his works in interiors of many different styles.