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Hervé Obligi - collaborative project
Compiling the Irina Bokova Bureau’s range of door, window and furniture fittings with a contemporary look involved many different French and Russian craftsmen. Among them was Hervé Obligi - an accomplished expert in stonework.
Window-holders as a part of the decor
Bespoke window-holders to order from the Irina Bokova Bureau and its French partners - for those who take time to care, and realise that perfection comes from the smallest details!
New collection of shower doors by Bureau Irina Bokova
Превью: In 2017 we successfully completed three major projects producing and installing shower doors, in collaboration with Jean-Louis Deneau, the Oleg Klodt architectural studio, and the Belgian architectural firm Axel Vervoordt. Having analysed the complexity involved in manufacturing and installing them, the relatively high costs of creating bespoke shower doors, as well as taking into account the needs architects have for products with a thin brass profile, we've developed a range of brass shower doors incorporating high-quality glass, in consultation with designers.
Irina Bokova
Irina Bokova, the founder of the Irina Bokova Bureau, writes about her initiation into the secret world of French studios and ateliers.
Alexander Vilgus – a story of success
About self-taught artist Alexander Vilgus, the astonishing success story of Le Cintre W - the company which produces exclusive wardrobe accessories… and how clothes-hangers can become works of art.
David Daude: tradition & modernity
David Daude is modern French artist of Lebanese descent. His artistic style has been formed from a synthesis of different centuries, with leanings towards allusions to recognised masters, while still retaining his outstanding creative identity