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We produce unique high-art items, whose functionality is based on centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship.

These items and constructions, made to order by individual designs, can be produced in any of the known French styles, and made from a wide range of different materials.

At the heart of the brand are the noble metals, which have become the principle specialisation and pride of Irina Bokova's work.

All of the bureau's projects – whether a small bronze accessory or a complex metal structure – are based around an in-depth knowledge of this particular material. Metal can be used as the primary material, as a supplementary material, as decoration, or for accent. Many years of collaboration with French craftsmen and their unique experience and knowledge of secret old craft techniques add an unlimited dimension to the kinds of metalworking projects which can be taken on.

Our experience extends to projects in many different spheres, and of all levels of complexity and scale 

Bronze or brass accessories with the use of semi-precious stones and rare species of wood.

Stair-rails, bannisters and surrounds using decorative glass and semi-precious stones.

Decorative panneaus, metal partitions and screens which use semi-precious stones, decorative glass, porcelain, different techniques of marquetry using wood, straw and stone.

Decorative light fittings, metal furniture and accessories in different kinds of finish (including black nickel, 24-carat gilding, patination, enameling, and many others) with the use of semi-precious stones, decorative glass, porcelain, leather, and rare species of wood.

Complex metal constructions including winter gardens, gazebos, hothouses, domes, and stained glass windows.

We excel in the perfect organisation of the process

We can fit into projects at any stage, or incept them from scratch. The main benefits of working with us are our knowledge, experience, and contacts – through which we are able to realise even the wildest ideas our clients may have. By turning our clients's artistic, stylistic and functional dreams into detailed and careful blueprints, we solve the technical issues and the construction questions.